Game-hop AGAIN [Music Video]

Greetings Game-hoppers, it tis I, Game-hop.  You guys & gals are in for a real treat today yes sir yes ma’am indeed.  Today you shall witness the OFFICIAL DIRECTORIAL DEBUT of Godric Johnson @ 7pm CST.  I’ve directed my first single “Game-hop AGAIN.”  This vid honestly took way longer than it was supposed to due to various circumstances, but I am well pleased on the final product. Since it’s my first one I wanted it to be perfect as i’m very meticulous in my artistry. Truthfully it’s everything I envisoned when I saw it in my mind. I had a BLAST filming it, and I sincerely do hope y’all enjoy it just as much as I did creating it! Shoutouts & special thanks to all my family & friends that appeared in the video and made it that much more AWESOME!  Special thanks to my friend and editor Ryan Luibrand on doing an excellent superb job with his editing prowess!   You guys are the bestest most awesomeness support system in the whole darn world and I LOVE YOU ALL.  Looking forward to commencing work on my next one.  Thanks again.  ENJOY!  G8M3-H0P G33K R0CK!!! Godspeed

Vol. III: Special Edition COMING SOON! Live Avenue announced

The Special edition of Game-hop Vol. III: The Gamer Chronicles is coming soon, so stayed fellow Game-hoppers!  What does the special edition include one may ask?  Well, it includes: The OFFICIAL Vol. III artbook, Game-hop game demo, t-shirt, & stickers!  In the meantime if you haven’t already done so, please go ahead and get your copy of Vol. III here.  I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback and support, and its awesome.  Thank you guys so so much, it’s really appreciated.  I also announced my band Live Avenue the day after I dropped The “G”amer Chronicles, more news to come concerning Live Ave soon as well.  Ok that’s about it as far as updates go, I do have some video game stuff too but I must keep that on the hush hush at the moment.  All will be revealed in due time.  Thanks everyone!  Godspeed

LAUNCH! 10.12.12

The day has finally come.  Game-hop Vol. III: The Gamer Chronicles makes it debut to the world.  20 tracks.  I hope you y’all enjoy them just as much as I did creating them.  The special edition should be available by the end of the month.  You guys can purchase your copy of the album right here.  Thanks so much my dear fam, friends, & of course the FANS!  All you guys are totally awesome, and I wouldn’t be here without the great people in my life.  Much thanks again, it is always greatly appreciated.  Godspeed

MySceneTV interviews Game-hop!

I recently got interviewed by MySceneTV! A local media group here in BR, it came out pretty BOSS. 😀 Lemme know what y’all think.  Shoutout to Ken Bloxon, Angela Stablier, and the rest of the MySceneTV crew for the interview.  Also, thanks a lot Deuce for connecting me with MyScene and Leon B for letting me use his office space.  Thanks so so much guys! Y’all can watch the interview right here.

Vol. III drops tomorrow. Are you guys & gals ready? GET HYPE!!!

Alas, there’s one more day left before Game-hop Vol. III: The Gamer Chronicles drops ladies and gentlemen!  It’s be a lengthy up and down process since Strategy & Analogy debuted in ’08.  2.1 Loading… is the loading screen for Vol. III, however I really didn’t anticipate it being a TWO YEAR load. -_-  Lots of various obstacles and issues along the trek, but anyway 2o tracks for you awesome people you tomorrow!  Worked really hard on the album, technically this being my first since the previous 3 are more akin to the mixtape format.  The Game-hop Vol. III release party and concert is tomorrow at Gameware on college dr from 7:30 – 9.  Full event details here.  My cousin N.Y.T.E will be opening up for me, and he’s hella dope.  I’m not just saying that because he’s my cousin either. He’s pretty darn good folks, and of course he’s one of my guest artists on the CD.  You can check his stuff out here.  So come on out if you’re in the BR/NO area, I hope to see y’all tomorrow at the show!  It’s going to be a pretty boss show, and again shoutout and much thanks to BOSS (owner of Gameware) for letting me use his store for the event.  Support LOCAL businesses people, it helps Baton Rouge and LOUISIANA in general.  Support Gameware please.  Thanks!  Godspeed