Game-hop is a term / fusion sub genre of Hip-hop music & video game design coined & created by Godric Johnson. Below is a detailed chronological log of Game-hop’s history, its origins, and its future. Don’t forget to spread the word about Game-hop to both family & friends. We’re all about growing a community of fans across the world that have a strong passion for art, video games, & music!



Game-hop, a term / fusion sub genre of both hip-hop music & game design, was founded by Godric Johnson in spring of 2007. The first ever Game-hop cd was published February 12th, 2008 then released on February 18th, 2008 at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, California. Game-hop was composed of five tracks, serving as a mini EP mixtape foreshadowing of later projects to come in that same year of 2008. Game-hop was coined in reference to Godric’s own style, story, perspective expressed in music. He obviously isn’t the first artist to sing over a video game instrumental or have alternative / gamer inspired lyrics. However, he IS the first to coin the term Game-hop to classify his own style & music thus creating a new genre. Godric Johnson IS Game-hop. Game-hop is also an official registered copyright.

Game-hop Vol.II: Strategy & Analogy


Game-hop Vol. II is the sequel to its predecessor Game-hop.  Composed of 10 tracks, the cd was released September 12th, 2008.  The significance of the date is important in Game-hop history because the fact it coincided with the first ever Game-hop show was performed by Godric Johnson in Tempe, Arizona. A nintendo DS was used in the set. The show was held at the University of Advancing Technology. The sophomore effort devles deeper into the actual world of Game-hop with a more traditional score of hip-hop music in contrast to the first mixtape which produced heavier video game instrumentation.

Game-hop Vol. 2.1: Loading…


Game-hop Vol. 2.1 is the surprise follow up mixtape to Volume II.
It was not originally planned nor had any pre promotion. Loading
presents a stark contrast in the Game-hop series because it uses
popular commercial instrumentals from mainstream hip-hop artists
and DJs. However, the mixtape is still true to its Game-hop roots since
all of the songs are flipped Game-hop style. The cd is comprised of
12 songs and was released October 16th, 2010 coinciding with the
2nd annual Game-hop Aftercon Convention in Tempe, Arizona.
The subtitle Loading… essentially stems from it being somewhat
of a “Loading screen” for the upcoming Game-hop Vol. III.

Game-hop Vol.III: The Gamer Chronicles


Game-hop Vol. III The Gamer Chronicles is the third installment in the Game-hop series.  Subject to a few of delays, the cd was originally slated to debut sometime in the spring of 2009. The project is currently in production and its slated release date is indefinite. Contrary to the two previous projects, Vol. III shall be presented more like an album instead of a mixtape. More information on this new project to come soon!